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hope you all are doing well this weekend. so finally we have come to the end of this series. yes you heard it right! this is my last post for this spring summer look series. still i have loads of collection lying in my wardrobe but this content is getting li’l bit boring and so as well as i told in my last post that i am totally confused that it’s spring or summer going on. thus i found it in my opinion that spring has ended and that’s why i am gonna focusing on summer styles now. so keeping aside all these descriptions, let’s start with the outfit details. i am wearing a floral top and a lime green color vintage skirt which is actually perfect i think so and matches with the top too. because this is spring so i am mostly focusing towards greenery sort of things and background too. then going to the accessories i am wearing a statement neck piece and charm bracelets.footwear is just a polka dot belly shoes. actually to keep this look as simple as that so i am wearing light coral makeup for this look with a side braid. so let’s get into the outfit:

IMG_1719IMG_1786 IMG_1757 IMG_1752 IMG_1743 IMG_1740 IMG_1736 IMG_1732 IMG_1734 IMG_1730 IMG_1726 IMG_1724  IMG_1798 IMG_1794 IMG_1789

wardrobe details:

top: max fashion

skirt: self designed

neck piece & bracelets: ebay india

belly shoes: catwalk

hope you all have enjoyed this whole series. please do comment and like this post. check out all my social media pages, all the links are in “about” option. so see you guys in my next post, till then love you all <3


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